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    Just bought my TREO 300 from Circuit City. I decided against the awesome Amazon deal because of the great "CITY Advantage" protection plan offered for $60. At any time I can return my TREO 300 and get $499.00 credit toward a new unit. I figure I can upgrade to the next generation of treo this fall/winter. I learned about this on this message board. I didn't believe it until I checked it out myself. Anyway, I'm trying to take advantage of the 110% price guarantee. I have 30 days to do so. I had them Check out a lot of places including BEst Buy, Fry's electronics, Office max, Good guys, and the sprint store. They either said it was discontinued or it sold for $499.00. Does anyone know of a Retailer in the Bay Area that is selling the Treo 300 for less then $499.00 so I can get some money back!!!
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    I think I saw an ad in last Sunday's Chronicle for CompUSA which had it listed for $199.99 including a $200 rebate from Sprint and a $100 rebate from CompUSA.

    Let me know if they give you the price difference because I'll want to get one too!
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    I think that CompUSA rebate was actually for a 270 not a treo300. CompUSA is not a SprintPCS retailer, to my knowledge.

    Keep looking, I'm sure SprintPCS, and/or other retailers will be dropping the price soon, considering Handspring just announced yesterday that they will be getting rid of there inventory as well as creating latest handheld due out fall.

    Good luck,
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    OK I was totally wrong about the CompUSA ad and about them not selling sprint service or the Treo 300. They do in fact have an ad out this week with the sprint $200 service rebate and an additional $100 rebate by them.

    I apologize for my misinformation.

    I will check before I talk.

    Good luck!
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    I was wondering if you got the $10/month deal or the new $15/month deal from Sprint.
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    You might want to check with Microcenter in Sunnyvale as well. They have offered significant discounts on the Treo in the past.
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    I got the $10 deal that is to say $60 for 500 minutes and the unlimited vision plan.
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    Just checked Microcenter. Still $499.00. I think I'm running out of options. Hopefully we'll see a decrease in price now that they announced the next generation of treo coming out this fall.
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    not same area but i just got a t300 for $30 and change from best buy -there are still a few about at the wharehouse so maybe you can use this as evidence to get the cc rebate
    ps first post with the treo all good so far I can even dial in my basement which no land line nor cell has managed

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