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    Well, I recently got off the phone with a Handspring tech support guy because I needed to get my father's Visor Pro fixed (he had it in his back pocket and plopped down rather indelicately on a concrete surface -- broke the screen).

    The Handspring guy told me to go to the web to get the repair ball rolling. He said it just started this week (I felt so special to be one of the first to know about it, ha ha). I remember I had to place a phone call when my Treo 90 screen went out a few months ago. It was a bit inconvenient at the time, since I had to make the call when Handspring was open, and my schedule didn't mesh well with that.

    Anyway, I had my dad fill out the online form and he's supposed to get a box to send in his Visor in a day or two. Much better than having to wait for Handspring to open and call them and wait to talk to some guy. If I can do anything on the web or email as opposed to talking the phone, I'm happier. That way, I can do it on my schedule, not theirs. And hooray for that.

    So I guess this is a totally random post. Just wanted to say, in case you guys didn't know, that apparently you can do repairs online now -- at least for Visors and they also said Treo 90 (I think you still hafta call for Treo 180, 270, 300). Anyway, here's where Handspring sent me:
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    To repair a cracked screen, you may not need to send it to Handspring. has videos online to show you how to replace your digitizer, which you can buy from them or elsewhere (e.g. Ebay).

    It's pretty easy for a Visor, but I don't think they have many Treo parts.

    Why was this in the Treo 90 section?

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