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    According to the latest info from Handspring, their new phone will be announced in three months and release in the Fall. Interesting that they will announce their new phone by the time Sprint will launch the new Pocket Pc Phones ( Samsung I700) and new Palm Os phone ( Samsung SPH 500).

    Oh well let's what will Hanspring come out with.
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    So that everyone doesn't have to scan through the long statement from Handpring, here are the juicy bits realting to a new Treo...

    "At the same time, we've been working with Sprint on our mutual plans for a major new product expected this fall. Given this timing, we've determined, along with Sprint, that the right thing to do this quarter is to focus on sales-out rather than incremental sales-in, ensuring that the current channel inventory level is reduced before the introduction of the new product.

    In the following quarter, fiscal Q1 ending in September 2003, you will see the first revenues from our shipment of this new next generation product. As much as I'd like to give you all the details of that product today (and I have no doubt you'll ask me to), it would be premature to do so. You'll hear more information on this product over the coming months.

    I'm delighted to announce to you today that we have signed up our second strategic carrier, the Orange group in Europe, who will carry this next generation Treo. Orange is the #1 network operator in the UK with over 13 million subscribers, the #1 operator in France with over 19 million subscribers, and #2 operator in Switzerland with over one million customers. Including their additional markets and affiliates, the Orange group is one of the leading mobile network operators in the world, with over 44 million customers in 19 countries.

    The Orange relationship is structured as a Tier 1 carrier, as I described earlier. We're co-developing a customized version of our product for the Orange network. Local Orange subsidiaries and affiliates will purchase this co-labeled product from us, and resell it to their customers through their channels. Orange has made a significant purchase commitment for the product.

    The addition of Orange to our partner list is an important milestone for Handspring. This relationship signifies our ongoing commitment to be a global company, and it validates both our next generation product, and our strategic carrier focus. The Orange group has been a pioneer in wireless data services, and together we believe that we'll be able to create a leadership position in Europe.

    We expect the Orange version of the new product to ship in initial launch quantities in our fiscal Q1, along with shipments of a non-customized version for Tier 2 carriers, for which we received our first purchase orders this past week. However, given the difficulty of predicting new product release dates and manufacturing ramps, the total volume of units we are able to ship could vary widely.

    In our fiscal Q2 ending in December, we expect to be in full scale manufacturing of this new product. Our target is to ship with one more strategic carrier partner in that quarter, with other carriers coming on after the first of the year. Our objective is to exit the calendar year with a strong new product, three strategic carrier relationships, and a business that is once again vibrant and growing.

    .....Third, we're on the verge of a major product launch. We've applied all our learning from Treo into this exciting next generation product that is being met with enthusiasm all over the world. We've taken the difficult short term decision to use this quarter to focus on sales-out in order to reduce existing Treo channel inventory, paving the way for a clean product launch this fall.

    ...We intend to manage through Q4 and emerge in the September quarter in position to successfully launch our new product and return to a track of increasing revenues, reduced operating losses, and a clear path towards reaching profitability."
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    Palm OS5, ARM processor, phone.

    Those are the key techie-things about the still-quite-vaporware "next product".
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    Does anyone know if it will have an SD slot? This to me should be a no-brainer but you never know. I love my treo but then again if that new SE t608 allows vision thru bluetooth then I might just go with that option and choose the PDA seperate...
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    If that's right, then OS5 with ARM will be way ahead of the competition, which has up to OS 4.x.
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    njchris, I should know this, I am in the "high tech" feild, but what's an ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) and the benifits of one.

    I mean, reall world, what is an example?

    For exaple, LAN. Local Area Network, you can all be logged into a server, you have all you home computers on on line per se.

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    I bet it'll cost an ARM and a leg. I'm keepin' my 300, baby.
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    The key to the benifits of the ARM processor are two fold. First, it runs at a much higher clock speed so is inherently faster. The other benefit is RISC (Reduced Instruction Set). This means that the processor has ditched support for all functions in favor of a smaller, sub-set which caters to your application. Again, the processor runs much faster as it leaves tons of management overhead in the dust. A lengthy discussion of CPU design could follow, but the basic analogy would be a language that has 1000 words .vs one that has about 20. Since the CPU doesn't have to respond to as many commands, the logic it has to follow for which instructions to put into which clock cycle are far simpler.

    This is an over-simplification of this, but should get the point across.
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    Well, this is definitely exciting news. It's been oh so long since i've upgraded my phone (6 months now) from the samsung I300. That being said I have a couple of recomendations as to what upgrades/features i'd like to see on the next generation Treo. First and foremost, the guys at quality control should really get busy on the next design. My treo's upper right hinge broke once, and so did several other of my friend's treos as well. Secondly, this phone scratches easier than a 1980 Hyundai Excel with an Earl Scheib paint job. What's the deal with that? 500 dollars for this fit and finish? The Samsung I300 wasn't the greatest performer in the world, but one thing that can be said about that phone is that is was pretty damn durable.Maybe if they were to design a case made out of magnesium or another similar material similar to the Palm515 and palmV. Other than that, I love this phone. Here is the rest of my wishlist:

    SD slot
    Built in bluetooth
    802.11b or g built in (yeah right, i won't hold my breath on this one)
    A true universal 2.5mm headset jack (not ala Nokia)
    Built in camera or support via sd slot for an external camera.
    OS 5
    320 x 480 resolution
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    The BATTERY is in dire need of improvement.
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    I betcha they'll keep using the Nokia design, since it allows answer/end via the button on the mic pod. Only if they change the fundamental design of the entire device (i.e., no more flip, or something) would I imagine them using a generic 2.5mm design.

    I like the Nokia mode - very nice to be able to answer and end calls via the little button. Of course, the downside is the lesser availability of other headset options...
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    I don't think I've yet seen a headset that didn't offer a version for Nokia or at least the necessary adapter.


    Originally posted by nrosser
    I betcha they'll keep using the Nokia design, since it allows answer/end via the button on the mic pod. <snip> Of course, the downside is the lesser availability of other headset options...
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    The regular 2.5mm versions have buttons on them too. I have one that I got at the PCS store for 10 bux that has a button on the earpiece itself that answers, and end calls. Also in the case of my n400, if I press it while not in a call, it will go to voice dial mode so I can just say the name. I agree, I would love to see a regular 2.5mm jack in the treo so I can just have one headset to carry-- I have to have 2 PCS phones all the time, one for work (n400), and one for myself (treo). I'd REALLY like to see bluetooth in this thing, that would really do it for me, then I wouldn't have to take my headset off and on when I'm in the stores...
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    If I remember correctly, the Samsungs are special with regards to 2.5mm jacks that work with a button. I'm pretty sure you'll find very few of those 2.5mm headsets with such a configuration.

    I may be wrong--I haven't done an extensive survey today.

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    i spoke to a sprint rep today who said she saw the new treo at a tradeshow. the will have a camera, external storage, will be slimmer and sleeker with no flip. i asked if it has voice recording, she didn't remember. man oh man i can't wait!
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    I don't think I'd want the new treo to lean anymore towards phone than pda than it already is. Current design is the only pda pone IMO that strikes the perfect balance. If it's really going to be thinner that means the screen will shrink and how will the keyboard fit? Sounds like it won't be a treo anymore.
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    Originally posted by 003oret
    have a camera, external storage, will be slimmer and sleeker with no flip
    That sounds interesting, especially the no flip (to break off). Should be a time saver too. While it's possible to do some stuff with the lid closed, often I have to open the lid to hit a key to proceed, so it might as well not be there. Have a dedicated pocket for the treo so a new lid-less one would inherit a pocket with nothing else in there so it shouldn't get scratched, and keyguard should activate when it goes to sleep.
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    Just removing the flip and hinge will reduce the thickness of the Treo by 1/8"-1/4". If they can also reduce the width by 1/8" on each side of the screen, I think it will be noticeably smaller. I would love to see them make the next model out of a better quality material, like a titanium shell.

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    ARM is basicaly a taylored CPU, has just wha tou need, for faster speed? Thanks
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