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    Does anyone know of software that allows the Treo 300 to simply chime the hour? I've not had much luck locating one. I was able to force "Bug Me!" into doing it, but that software generates a new alert screen every hour that must be "handled" by clicking the ok button, otherwise the alert screens back up until memory is severly compromised and sometimes crashing the Treo.

    All I want is a small program (or an option in a program) that chimes the hour without the software having to be "handled" by clicking a button or other action. Also I want to be able to have some options on the sound of the chime. Too many times, the available sounds are as loud and harsh as fingernails on a blackboard. I prefer something quick, soft and cheerful.

    Any thoughts?

    Programmers to the rescue?

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    Try this.

    "Configurable clock with audible chiming and ticking"

    "My favorite clock program. You can set it to chime every 1hr, 1/2hr or x number of minutes. Has a clock, timer and alarm. I think it has one of the largest set of numbers. Very intuitive interface. "
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    Thanks, David, for your reply. I believe that I have tried that one, but now cannot remember why I rejected it. So....I'll give it another try. Thanks again....

    I wish it was in color....
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    I checked out clockpro and it works pretty good so I bought it.

    It does appear that the software Megaclock has a chiming feature (plus lots of other flashy bells and whistles), but requires Palm OS 4.0 or higher.

    Now this brings me to a different thread (which I will initiate): upgrading the OS on the Treo 300.


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