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    Palm just released an update to their VersaMail. The requirements say it needs OS 4.1 or higher (as did the previous version), but has anyone tried it on a Treo 300 or 270 with OS 3.52H? Does anyone know if it will work? The new version 2.5 looks really nice, but they don't seem to offer a demo to try it out. Here is the link from Brighthand:
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    That's a great question, but I don't have the answer. Hopefully, somebody does.

    It seems as if VersaMail and TreoMail are very similar. The big advantages I see in VersaMail are (1) support for attachments, (2) support for up to 8 mail accounts, and (3) desktop e-mail sync.

    Here's a link to the full description of the software:
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    I was unable to get it to work.

    I installed it once and had to remove it because my Tro would get a fatal error on reset. I was able to get in and remove it by holding the up button while resetting.

    Later I found instructions on how to get version 2.0 to install on a Treo. I tried those instructions, but got the same fatal error loop. Even worse, this time I was unable to get in at all and had to wipe everything off (hold the power button while resetting) and start over. Luckily I took a backup before I started.

    I guess I just wasted $35.


    P.S.: What is it called when you hold the up button while resetting and what is it called when you hold the power button while resetting?

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