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    However you spell it. has anyone used RECHECO on the TREO 90?
    I am wondering because I would like to have the opportunity to use graffitit if I want to..
    thanks in advance..
    also is it FREE? I know that there is a site
    is this the product?
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    I've used RecoEcho+ and I don't have any complaints. I used it alot when I first got the 90 but now I don't since I've gotten really fast at the keyboard with the help of WordComplete. RecoEcho+ was free through Handspring's website, but I don't think it still is. You can still get it at Handspring's website, but it's $9.99.
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    I loaded it but didn't find it much better than NewPen, which is still free from PalmGear. For night use I find even the onscreen KB faster than graffiti. I use newpen so little I moved it to the SD.

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