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    Has anyone successfully synchronized with Outlook 2003 (version 11)?

    I kep getting the "unable to find profile" error in my logs and it asks me to exit and restart Outlook.

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    Yes, I am successfully synching to Outlook 2003 Beta on two PCs. One with Win XP Pro and other with Win 2000 Pro.

    Chapura's PocketMirror software does not support Outlook 2003 Beta yet though. Chapura says "Currently, there are known issues between our products and Outlook 11 Beta. " I followed their work-around and created a new profile on each PC to get it to work. There is no workaround for the security prompts that come out of Outlook though.

    You can find FAQs on Chapura's website that address this. There seems to be a number of them (PM279, PM278, PM277)

    . . . . Brian
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    Thanks. It works again.

    Go to handspring for this, go to sprint for that (treo300), go to chapura for another thing...

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