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    Hi there fellow Treo users!I am a proud owner of a Treo 180.Just bought it off my local mobilephone store.Till date everything is fine.But I just have a few issues with it...hope there are kind souls here that can help me.... I have managed to solve my alarm problem by downloading this big clock software (need this to help me wake up in the mornings!!!!:P) off the freepalmware website.And now I am in need of a software that can make the Led kinda like function like a normal mobile phone.Hope my explaination makes sense tho'.I need the Led to light up when I flip the cover,when there's any action goin on in the Treo.Just like a normal mobile.You know..the Led lights up when U start using the phone or when calls or messages are received.Any kinda help will be very much appreciated!!!Thankz for reading!!!!
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    Not possible. The LED function is locked out of the Palm OS when the phone radio is active. If the phone is off, software can take advantage of the LED, but I have not seen any written to do this.
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    sounds to me like he's talking about the backlight not the led.... could be wrong though
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    OOps!!!Sorry..was talkin abt the backlight...must be the morning blues...:P.Hey another question,does the Treo180 have a built in radio like yall mentioned??I dun see it on mine.Really need a solution to the backlight thingie.Really appreaciate it!!!Thankz you!!
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    I think they are referring to the "radio" inside the Treo that lets you use it as a mobile phone. Referring to the electronics inside.

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    Hi there's no radio "radio" function?Ok...eerrmmm any solutions to my query?Thankz a million!Really need the backlight to work like a moblie phone man..esp when driving...:<
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    Go to <prefs>
    then select and set <backlight>
    This will allow you to swipe your screen to enable the backlight.

    Also as a minimum the following utilities are a must.
    Ma Treo v1.2 [switch to & backlight set functions]
    Treo Tools v1.0b4 [auto on/off phone feature]
    Treo Buttons v1.0b5 [Lid & Jog function set]
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    Hi Brickwalls!Thankz for ya reply!!!where can I find the apps U mentioned??Thankz a mill!will need to try them out!!!
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    Hey Brickwalls..could find the pen option in the prefs.Where iz it?Thankz
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    Hi Brickwalls!!Found them apps!!!They are kewl!!!thankz a mill to all who replied!!U guys are great!
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    Backlight swipe option may be 180g specific.

    Go to <prefs>

    Go to down arrow in top right corner and a drop menu list will appear - select <Buttons>

    A choice of drop downs will appear beside the launch buttons/icons - <Pen> is found in middle between default and Hotsync icon.

    Select <pen> and a drop menu list will also appear then select and set <backlight>

    This will allow you to swipe your screen to enable the backlight.

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