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    I have noticed that there have been a lot of people that have been having trouble with the sim card door becoming loose. I have had the same problem. I am aware that t-mobile considers this a warrantied issue and thus will send you out a replacement. I have also read that although the replacement will work, eventually the door will become loose again and thus you will have the same problem.
    This seems to be a design flaw! How does one fix this you ask? Simple take note from you kids toys wherein the manufacturer places a screw on the battery door to prevent kids from opening the door to the battery pack. In the lower left-hand corner of the the sim card door there is an area where you can drill a hole about a milimeter in diameter. This hole doesn't touch the sim card. Next you drill a corresponding hole into an area on the phone case itself so that you can insert a tiny screw that will secure the door to the phone. If you do not have a drill or dremel tool that has a small enough drill bit you can do like I did and straighten a paper clip the size of the screw, heat it up, poke it through the door first so that I would have a way to mark the corresponding spot on the case. Then take the unit apart, heat up the paper clip again and poke it through the spot that I marked on the case. Once I put it back together the screw lines up and tightens down the door. No more issues with the sim card door
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    My solution is to use screen protector, I use WriteRight sceen protector for Sony NV/NX series so the size is quite long then pasted on the back of Treo covering the SIM door all the way to almost the top of Treo.

    That way you are not only protecting SIM door from opening but also protecting the back of Treo from scratch.
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    Sounds like an awful lot of trouble, when you could just use a case!
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    Originally posted by Alli
    Sounds like an awful lot of trouble, when you could just use a case!
    A case, a piece of tape, bending the plastic tab, or putting a piece of rubber in the gap of the clip are all temporary fixes to a design flaw.

    I use my phone a lot I am opening and closing it, poking and prodding it at least 20 to 50 times a day. I own my own business and I use this phone to keep track of day to day business transactions, as a business phone, to send and recieve email, and to assist me in some personal affairs, with the aid of Palmasutra. I'm sure I could employ the efforts of a case that might keep my sim card door closed, but what I propose is a permanent fix to a design oversight that has cast dim light on an otherwise outstanding product.

    So, maybe my fix is a bit combersome for the average user who demographics say is a male professional between the ages of 20 to 50 years of age. It took me 10min, a hot paperclip, a hobby knife to carefully scrap away the excess plastic created by the hot paperclip, a screwdriver and a tiny screw to permanently fix my phone, with an idea from a childs toy. Ten minutes of down time and lost revenue sounds a lot better that waiting three days on the postal service or even 24hrs for UPS. Time is money.
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