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    Went from $10 to $15.
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    I assume that applies to "free and clear" plans that do not include unlimited vision? If you spend more than $50 bucks/year, then you might as well get a "free and clear with vision" plan IMO...
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    Typical is $35 for Free and Clear, $50 for same plus Vision.

    Fully documented on Sprint's site.
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    Wow! Sprint plans have gone from goodage to suckage. Good thing I got my plans before these last two price jacks.
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    Activated my phone friday night and got the 10 dollar vision plan... looks like i just squeaked by because i noticed that all the brochures at the store said it was 15 bucks. they hadnt updated their website with the new prices on friday.. looks like they have now.. it is 15 bucks extra now!
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    While I'm definitely glad I got in on the 10/mo (who wouldn't be? , 15/mo for unlimited data is still way better then anybody else out there. I never would have picked up a Treo without it, and I think a lot of people feel the same way.

    Just my .2 cents.

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