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    Anyone know? I like Blazer ok, but which would you say stands out the most?
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    i think you're gonna get 'fans' of a number of browsers responding that theirs is the best, but the one that has been talked about on here a lot is Xiino. however from what i have read, most folks (including me) keep both on their treo because not any browser seems to be best at everything.
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    Yeah, unfortunately each browser does something better than the other, so it's best to keep a few around. On top of Blazer and Xiino, Eudora is great if you don't need graphics, because it's direct (no proxy) which makes it fast, and it's much more flexible with custom SSL certificate support. Avantgo works pretty good in live mode too, but lacks decent bookmarking. (see? it goes on and on.)
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    PQA (Palm Query Applications), which are essentially 'purpose built' web info retrievers, are excellent alternative to browsing. They are speedy, free of graphics, and run without a browser (you need web clipping software to run them). You can get sports, weather, financial and news information wirelessly, on the run. Do a search here and find more threads regarding PQA.
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