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    i recently purchased a flashplus to go along with a 64mb cf card that i had for a digital camera. i have vfs helper and am currently using mega launcher on my visor neo.

    i was reading that it's better to put the program in regular memory, and the database on the card. the problem is that i'm going to fill up my regular memory. and what if i want to save pictures or stuff to the card, i have to hotsync them to regular memory and THEN move them to the card. but if all my apps are in regular memory there won't be room.

    is there a way during hotsync to have it save to the card?

    so what do you do? i had heard that cf eats batteries, and now i believe it should i save everything to the card, and then when i want to use an app copy it back to regular memory and use it? that's gonna get old is there some magic that i don't know about yet??

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    I believe that you can run the programs from the's all about trial and error. If the program doesn't work properly while it's on the card then move it to the normal memory.

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