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    When I call someone using my Treo300, their caller id shows my number only. Sprint customer support says it should show my name as well, but they can't make it work. They say it's my local phone company's fault. The problem is that everyone I call sees the same thing, regardless of area code or phone company. I'm talking about Treo to land-line calls. I haven't tested Sprint to Sprint. What is your experience? Do the people you call see your name?
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    Yes, they see a name, but in my case it's the wrong name. I've called Sprint a dozen times to have it changed, but the change never happens.

    That's kind of par for the course with Sprint...I've found that it takes an average of 8 calls to their 'customer service' group to get any one thing accomplished.

    It's pretty poor...but I guess that's why their rates are lower than the other guys.

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    After speaking with Sprint about the issue of outgoing caller id - they said that there is a problem with some of the Local Phone Companies where contracts between Sprint and the Local Phone Companies have expired. They claim it is a not a nationwide problem nor do all of the customer service representatives understand the problem. FYI - I'm in NJ and one of those states in which the contract has expired. I'm told as soon as the contract is renegotiated, our outgoing names will appear on a landline caller id box. The rep I spoke with mentioned some other states affected, but i can not remember which states were affected.
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    I've gotten calls from my Dad's cel, who is on AT&T, and I do not see his name. It just says "New Jersey".

    Same for Sprint cel calls...

    So the major cel phone companies have let their contracts expire? That seems odd and unlikely.
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    ACtually, with the huge losses hitting the telecommunications giants, it is no surprise they are in turf wars and contract disputes over stupid stuff like this.
    Also, if you think that large companies don't let contracts run out, or kick in,,just take a look at the debacle last year in nyc/nj between cablevision and the ny yankees - where over 3 million cablevision subscribers didn't have access to most of the yankee cables due to a bitter "contract dispute" (settled a year later)

    Also, New jersey is what shows up on the caller id box for ATT, and SPRINT. I'm not sure about Verizon wireless, but cingular allows the option of NEW JERSEY or your name appearing on the landline box.

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