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    There is a new version of EMail Notify available at This new version includes the following:

    -Delay can be set in second or minutes

    -Alerts configurable using templates

    -Can specify SMTP server in order to specify sender address on alerts

    -Can specify that only one alert is sent per cycle no matter how many e-mail messages come in during that cycle

    -Manual has not been updated (sorry)

    Let me know if you have any questions of comments. Unfortunately the manual doesn't reflect any of the new features, so you'll have to figure those out on your own until I get a chance to document them.

    I'm considering adding POP and/or IMAP support to this. Currently it only works with Exchange server (because that's what I use). I was wondering if there is any interest in either one.

    I haven't added POP or IMAP support yet because I haven't figured out how to get those servers to tell me when a new e-mail comes in. Currently, the program does absolutely nothing until the Exchange Server tells it that there is a new e-mail (which it does immediately) and then it goes about sending alerts or setting a timer to send an alert in the future. I think that with POP or IMAP I would have to check the server on a schedule to see if there are any new messages. If having to check on a schedule makes this functionality any less attractive, please let me know.
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    So it only works with Exchange, not Outlook pulling from POP? So to the exchange server it looks like an Exchange client.
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    Originally posted by KRamsauer
    So it only works with Exchange, not Outlook pulling from POP? So to the exchange server it looks like an Exchange client.
    Technically, it is a MAPI client. And, technically a MAPI client can be set up to work with a POP or IMAP server, but since my client doesn't do any polling, it relies on the Exchange Server to tell it when new e-mail arrives.

    So, technically, right now you can set up a MAPI profile that points to a POP server and then tell EMail Notify to monitor that profile, but the program would sit there forever doing nothing because the server would never wake it up. That's why I say that it only works with Exchange Server.

    I could add polling to it and poll a POP or IMAP server through the MAPI client and that would work, but I figure that if I add polling I want to add native POP and/or IMAP support as well so people using POP or IMAP servers wouldn't need the extra MAPI layer. There's no reason to go through MAPI if we don't have to.

    Finally, to answer you second question, yes, to the Exchange Server it looks like an Exchange Client.

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