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    Can someone with a Treo 300 check the versions of their MemoPad & ToDoList applications?

    I used to have a Treo 90, and moved up to a Treo 300. I recently had a hard reset, so I had to restore my Treo 300 backup.

    Unfortunately, it looks like some files from the Treo 90 got installed, and it's causing me some grief (as the Treo 90 has Palm OS 4, and the 300 has 3.5)

    My MemoPad is showing up as Version 4.1H, that's wrong, right?

    My ToDo list crashes whenever I press the menu key, so I can't even check there!

    What versions are on your Treo?


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    Both of mine are version 3.5.
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    Yeah, the versions that came with my Treo300 are 3.5 also.

    I just want to mention that ToDo+ and Memo+ from Handshigh Software are excellent replacements.

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