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    I still think back to the old days of using my Sanyo phone to pull up wireless web, get music samples (when it worked), quick and easy movie times, short news breifs, etc without a major download ... is there any WAP link to the old interaction; theres no easy method to access Yahoo YellowPages or Movies that I can see..

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    I use avantgo for movies and 555.1212 or directory assistance pqas for phone lookups. The latter two are excellent.

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    I am not exactly sure what you are looking for so these are suggestions:

    These can be accessed through the blazer browser



    These all load up relatively quickly on the treo’s browser.

    PS. If any one is interested is the mobile version of the site.
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    I find that PQAs are great and very efficient.

    I use the Directory Asst. PQA for phone numbers and I simply love the MOviefone PQA for listings. Moviefone is way more accurate and reliable than any of the other sites I've tried and you don't have the frustration of waiting for the heavy graphics sites to download.

    A couple other PQAs I use heavily are UPS to track shipments and ESPN (for the obvious!)

    You can download those PQAs directly from their websites.

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