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    Anyone else get a new Sprint number AND have gotten unwanted phone calls ???? If so, please email me - I think Sprint's recycling of old numbers is really bad business practice.

    I recently got my mom a Sprint - Treo setup. She's been getting calls from the previous owner of the cell phone. I had to get her a 469 area code, and Sprint is very limited/saturated in that area code. Anyone have suggestions on a good area code (pref in Dallas) so I can rest assured that my mom isnt getting bogus calls????

    Thanks a million.
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    Yeah, when I added another phone to my plan, I got alot of wrong calls for the previous user of the number. I live in C. FL and use "321" area code. I called Sprint and complained and they agreed to change my number. Usually depending on availabilty, Sprint usually allows you to select from a list of available numbers (or at least that has been my experience). When I called them, the Sprint rep worked with me and helped me get a number with the 3 digit prefix that I wanted. You might try asking Sprint to give you an un-used number, but I don't know if they would have insight regarding such info. However, Definitely make sure they DON'T charge you for changing your number!

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