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    On the Palm/Handspring site, you can download POSE, a windows emulator program that allows you to run Palm programs before installing them onto the handheld. I've found this useful on my past Palm devices as it saves time and allows you to screen out apps that aren't well written and may pose a danger to your data. POSE is downloadable for free, but the ROM that makes it run isn't. You can either buy it (if you join the developer's program), or you can upload it from your handheld. The catch is that POSE requires you to have a serial connection to transfer them from your Treo, which is lame given Treo only ships with USB cables. Anyway, the upshot is that I've paid for the device but cannot get the ROM to my desktop without buying either a serial cable or a developer subscription. Anyone know of software to get it via USB?
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    You can use SyncWizard ( to xfer your rom via the USB.
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    You can join Palm's developer program for free, and download Handspring ROMs there. You'll want to sign up for the Basic Level Membership at

    Hope this helps!

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