Well I decided to buy a "refurbished" Treo 300 from the following site.


Problem is the one they sent me had a bad Flip Lid Speaker. To get any sound out of it you have to almost completely close it. The Lid Hinge also is cracked and the back rest is scuffed up from the Lid "slapping" it.

If the Speaker had been working I'd probably have held onto the Treo (since the Lid Hinge was still working and didn't seem too bad. A bit of glue or a transplant from my current Treo might have done) but I sent it back. Had to pay for return shipment and I'm currently waiting on it's replacement.

Spoke to Customer Service via e-mail several times during this and I must say I'm NOT impressed. These are only "refurbished" in the fact that someone scuffed off the "Sprint" Logo and stuck a "Digital" sticker over it (not very well I might add) and programmed the Wireless Login screen to say "Welcome to TREO 300" instead of "Welcome to Sprint". Otherwise, besides that these are USED TREO 300s.

I expect my replacement early this week. I'll post how this one fairs.