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    Hi there,

    Is anybody using RecoEcho for graffiti recognition on their Treo 300?

    I downloaded the trial version of RecoEcho Plus today from's website, but there seems to be no way to enter regular punctuation characters, such as the @ symbol.

    I can enter "extended punctuation" mode by drawing a \ first, and then writing the extended punctuation symbol... but there seems to be no way to go into "regular" punctuation mode, to write characters like @ . , ? ! "

    Does anybody know how to solve this?

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    do the "\" thing (from bottom up) followed by the letter "O" and then you will see the "@" symbol.
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    Ahhhh... thank you!! I'm a moron! I was doing that "\" from left to right, instead of from right to left!

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    Click on RecoEcho icon>click on Graffiti help>scroll down...

    You'll find instructions on using punctuation marks...

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