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    ...and I'm thinking it was a lot worse than the guy initially said it was. He had said that any time that:

    "When trying a hard reset the screen says "To delet all data press the "up arrow" key." When I press the up arrow key nothing happens and the screen will stay that way till the battery runs down."

    I figure, what the heck, I'm an MIS technician, I've coveted a Treo forever..I'llg et it and give it a shot.

    Except I've been trying to charge the thing for about four hours now. There's no LED indicator. I was thinking about calling HS and telling them I had purchased a treo from a vendor and it was not charging (dishonest, but worth a shot)...but then i noticed a black line across the top of the screen. Someone had said somethign in another post here about that being a sign of does it even pay to call?

    And did I just blow 70 bucks?
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    to get it to charge you could try plugging it in and doing a soft reset. Sometimes a softreset will trigger it to charge...
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    No dice. I called HS Tech support and they were very helpful and nice. Turns out it was still warranteed and they are replacing it!


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