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    Hi there,

    I just bought my Handspring Treo 300 today, and there's something about it that is very irritating to me. I'm wondering if my unit is a defective one?

    I scroll through my phone book and select a number to call. As it's dialing the number, I press the "speakerphone" button. The speakerphone is then turned on, but I can BARELY hear the phone call ringing at all. In fact, it's so quiet, I can practically mistaken it for complete silence. The volume on the Treo is turned all the way up.

    However, as soon as the person picks up on the other end of the call, everything is at a perfect volume again! I can hear everything completely clearly, and all is back to normal.

    It's only during the actual ringing that it is so quiet it's close to being silent.

    Is anybody else having this problem? Has anybody heard of this before? I'm wondering if I need to exchange my unit for a new one.

    (I did a search of this board for this topic, but I didn't get any relevant results.)


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    yeah, i don't know why it happens, but my treo does the same thing when it's on speaker phone. don't worry about it.
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    ME TOO! However, I actually don't mind the soft ringing.., its less annoying IMO...
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    Just add that to the list of minor quirks like easily scratchable housing, flimsy lid, screeching feedback sms alert.
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    yep,worry not. this is "normal".....

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