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    Just got my Treo 300 yesterday. Working pretty well except... it will not hot sync my calendar from Outlook. Contacts come over with no problem. Any suggestions?
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    I am having the same problem. After 4 months of Hot Sync working just fine it stopped the other day. I did a hard and soft reset but it didn't fix it.

    Here is the error. All other syncs work but Outlook Callendar

    ERROR: 00008001
    Create user note failed.

    Please help
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    Just got a Treo 300. Having similar problem as original post, but better, and worse. Tried to sync Outlook via USB, and it worked the first time. Then tried changing over to IR and it would not sync (although it connected). Went back to USB, but subsequent attempts to sync have been futile. It appears to try to launch Outlook twice (two Outlooks shown on taskbar). It does start by sync'ing "Expenses" OK, but then it never completes syncing Outlook stuff. Just sits there, and does not respond well to "cancel" commands (have to kill the processes on the PC via Task Manager). Although it does not officially hang either the PDA or PC, I basically have to reboot the PC to get Outlook to run normally again.

    I have tried reloading the CD on my PC, and the software revisions appear up to date. Any thoughts?

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