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    Hi all,

    Anyone purchsed the 300 car mount from

    It looks nice, but I'd like to hear from someone who has one before I shell out 50 bucks!


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    I once had a PrimeCo Sony Zuma Z100 and bought it's car mount. It was nice, screwed into free space on my dash (still have the empty screw holes) and the phone clicked in. Pushing side buttons on the mount released the phone. Didn't like the short battery life of the Zuma, but liked the car mount.

    Then, shortly before I got the Kyocera qcp6035 a cool cig lighter socket car mount for the star tac appeared for about $50. If I wasn't about to upgrade from the star tac, I would have got that.

    For the treo, I'd like to see something made especially for it, that either screws in or plugs in to the cig lighter socket. Preferably not a windsheild suction cup nor AC vent clip. I've seen those multi-phone generic solutions such as the seido one, but they don't really impress me.

    In my workday clothes, I put the treo in my pocket. Sitting in a car is manageable, but not returning the phone to the pocket after finishing a call while driving. Then I look for a place to put the phone. Can't put it in the center console cause it scratches so easily, so I leave it on the seat, hoping I don't have to stop fast which would make it fly forward. So I would like a neat car mount solution.
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    Here's something specifically for the treo, however it's suction cup. Don't want a phone holder to block my vision of the road ahead.
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    I just got the one from proclip... don't have the link handy, but if u search for it in the discussions you should find it

    very sturdy, but I would love something more like a cradle where the treo is powered, and even wired up to hands free without additional steps if possible...

    as far as car mounting goes - there are no screws into the dash, yet it holds very well and doesn't really obstruct anything - especially my view through the window

    a bit pricey too, but the best option I have seen so far
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    Originally posted by kayden75
    I just got the one from proclip...
    Wow, that's exactly what I was looking for, thanks....

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