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    Well, I noticed that Best Buy has their every 3 month sale going for 50% off all cell phones with the purchase of 2 accesories valued at $9.99 or more. In the past, this sale has always excluded the Treo 300 (and more recently the I330). This week the ad has the exclusion for the I330, but not the Treo 300. Sprint also has a $200 rebate/service credit for $200 on the Treo.

    Here is the math. $499 - $250 (50%) - $200 (Sprint rebate/credit) + $20 (for accesories) = $70 + tax.

    BTW, the BB I went to didn't have any Treo accesories, so just buy the cheapeast ones they have.

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    My local Best Buy seems not to be selling the Treo 300 anymore. Is this true elsewhere?

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    Same here.

    The salesman said it was discontinued, and they would not be getting any more.

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