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    Can anyone using a treo 300 in the bay area comment on quality of signal for phone and data?
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    I'm happy with it but like any other carrier, it depends where you frequent. Every carrier has holes in coverage and Sprint is no different. For my uses, SprintPCS has been reliable (voice) and I feel I am getting very good value with unlimited Vision irrespective of the "growing pains" inherent to the service.
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    Originally posted by tarzan
    Can anyone using a treo 300 in the bay area comment on quality of signal for phone and data?
    I live in the East Bay, work in SF and get around the whole area and I'm quite happy with Sprint's coverage. While there has been a day here or there where I've suspected that they might have a short-term outage, I have yet to run into any dead spots in the Bay Area.
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    I live in the north bay, and have been quite happy with the voice coverage here for the past 4+ years. I have definitely noticed that coverage has improved over the years. I just signed a contract with my Treo after going month-to-month for the first 4 years. I typically get 7kBps (56kbps) using Vision on my Treo (measured using bmeter).
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    Sprint on the Peninsula is excellent.
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    I live in San Francisco.
    I have been disconnected twice. Once in the Pacific Heights area and the other was near Twin Peaks. However, I experienced the same outage with Cingular service. Other than these two occurances, everything has been fine.
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    Thanks everyone! This was my last concern before purchasing a TREO 300. plan on ordering this weekend.
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    On behalf of the TC community, you're welcome, and we hope you'll be one of the many contributing folks to TC.

    I'm in the Bay Area, and am through Marin, Alameda, San Francisco, Contra Costa, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Sonoma counties regularly, and Sprint service is pretty good (no worse than anyone else, better than many).

    You'll love your new Treo...once you have it, you'll wonder how you did without it.

    I also have a regular phone, a Hitachi P300, which I just upgraded, what an amazing phone...built in POP client, 4 way caller ID (text, picture, sound, lights), great speakerphone...the list goes on...very surprising how slick it is for a 'regular' phone. Anyone who is thinking of a new phone should give it a looksee...Sprint is basically giving them away, and they are much better than your std phone.

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