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    I use Intellisync to hotsync Lotus Notes calendar and to do with my Treo. All has been working fine for months.

    All of a sudden a few days ago, hotsync would lock up when syncing the dates. It stops responding. So I turn off the date sync to trouble shoot. It locks up on to do. So I turn it off too so only the addresses sync. Now it syncs fine. So I turn all off except dates and it locks up and stops responding again.

    Problem is, I have no idea what's causing it to stop resopnding when it's syncing the dates. Any ideas? Would uninstalling and reinstalling Intelilsync and hotsync help?
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    I had an issue when I sync'ed the phone book from work through Notes and Pylon to my Treo. I tried syncing to 2 different computers and somehow the names/addresses got doubled so I had over 8,000 entries. That caused it to crash not only the Treo but reboot my PC. After a hard reset, reinstall of sync software and a lesson learned I'm not experiencing that issue anymore

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