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    I am looking for a good word processing program to create and read Word documents on my Prism. I would prefer the ability to use underline, bold and different font colors.

    Does anyone have a recommendation?
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    I use WordSmith for at least a year now, with my Treo 270, and I like it a lot!

    Check this link for info on WordSmith:

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    Thanks for your input. The link was very informative - it looks like WordSmith will do everything I need.
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    I too use WordSmith, but there are others in these "office" products:
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    Just to add to the consensus, I use Wordsmith. Great program.
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    I have Doc's to Go, WordSmith and another that was sooo bad I don't recall the name of it.

    If a word processing program is ALL you need, then WordSmith is the best, although Doc's to Go does read more formats ie Adobe. But none are better than WordSmith at keeping rich text from computer to handheld.

    But if you need a spreadsheet as well, then I would go with Office to Go, It's the next best thing.
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    Another vote for Wordsmith. I have been using it for over two years and love it (especially with my Stowaway keyboard.)

    I would recommend buying it directly from BlueNomad , the developer of Wordsmith, rather than Handmark, as you will get tech support directly from the developers.

    You may also want to check out the Yahoo Group. It has many knowledgable members and is frequented by the developers.
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    Thanks to all who replied! I think I have decided to go with WordSmith - Handmark has a nice package for Students/Educators that includes WordSmith, along with PrintBoy and some other programs that might be usefull.

    If anyone is interested, the link is
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    QuickWrite can read MSword docs off of external memory (or SanpperMail attachment). Soon it will be able to create in word format too. It's definitely a contender.

    Wordsmith is very good, but slow.

    Still my fave is QED, which only does Doc format. There's an issue with the Treo list key that will hopefully be corrected in the next release. It's VERY fast and only 40K.
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    Originally posted by J. Kevin Wolfe
    QuickWrite can read MSword docs off of external memory (or SanpperMail attachment). Soon it will be able to create in word format too. It's definitely a contender.
    Just a minor correction. It's QuickWord, not Write.

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    Wordsmith was my favorite program for a long time - but i belive that alex hinds stopped development on it. Hence it has fallen behind in features that Quickword has. I don't like Quickword's interface as much- but if you need ms word/excel support on the treo from email attachments etc- that's the way to go. Otherwise good ol' wordsmith still is king.
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    Is anyone using Wordsmith on a Treo 600? It keeps crashing my PDA.

    I've checked the settings and can't figure out what's up.

    Some help....


    UPDATE: I E-mailed bluenomad and they promptly sent me a link that works with the Treo 600:
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