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    I'm having problem with BizConnect this morning. The icon on my desktop stays yellow, and I can't get it to connect and turn green. After a while, it'll turn red and tells me 'Invalid login'. I know I have the correct username and password typed. Any one out there experiencing the same thing?
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    Looks like I'm unable to connect as well. Great service for a business critical app! Way to notify us Sprint.
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    Off and on here. They didn't mention that the 3 month free "trial" period was actually the beta period. I like the push features and $5 monthly price, but I'm getting fed up with this software crashing my Treo and not always working properly like now.
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    I can connect, but have to synch manually; it has stopped pushing messages to my handheld.
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    I had the same problems, but all is well now. Hope it's that way for you too.
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    I am up and running in Baltimore.

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