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    Got my Treo back in January. This thing rocks that is when everything at Sprint is working !

    I downloaded and installed WirelessModem. Hooked up via my serial port, running W2K on my Dell. I got it all setup and was able to hookup and surf without any problems. I did during maybe the first week of March. I had it up and running for 3 full hours. Even ran off to gobble down dinner for 30 minutes and came back and it was still connected. No keep alive apps here. I also am connecting to Sprint via the #777.

    That was then. Then along came PalmNet. W2K USB drivers alright ! This way I can use the USB cable and surf and keep my Treo charged. Nice installation and all that. No problems with it either.

    Then the problems started.

    I noticed I could not stay connected for more than 5 minutes. I started to look around and noticed some posted that it seems that there are other folks out there who are having the same problems as I am. Even PalmNet's FAQ section states that they are aware of this and it could be many things like signal strength and such.

    I wanted to see if the signal strength thing could be my problem. In my home I have a decent signal RSSI value of -85. I know there is a tower down the road from my place. So I grabbed my laptop and Treo and went nearby to that tower. Signal strength RSSI value of -59 (how nice !). But sadly I had exactly the same problem. 5 minutes or so and I am either not getting a response or have been disconnected.

    I thought MAYBE it was PalmNet, so I connected via WirelessModem and did the same test in the same area and sadly I had the same problem. I also tried this setup at work which is in a different area and different tower. Same thing.

    I don't get it, one month ago this was all working wonderful and now all of a sudden I can't stay on longer than 5 min. or so.
    I honestly don't think it is the Modem or the Palmnet or WirelessModem, I think something is going on on Sprints side ?

    If I use Blazer, no problems at all.

    Anyone else having this kind of problem?

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    I had the same problem when I was down in Miami last weekend (using PalmNet). The connection was horribly slow as well, felt like I was surfing at 14.4. When I got back to DC, problem was gone and web surfing speed returned to normal.

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