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    I heard from my logistics manager that eventhough they told us 2 months before hand when the firmware was coming out that we still haven't got aprooval to launch it.
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    The "official word" from Sprint is that they did not get approval to release the upgrade. There is no word on when they will do it.
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    What kind of approval takes over two months to obtain so you can make available a MUCH NEEDED firmware update?!

    Not to yell at ya - I know you're just the messenger - but I can't see why they would be holding such a beneficial piece of software up like this!

    - Mike
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    It's not Sprint that has to approve it, Sprint is the ones waiting for the approoval.
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    Then they should be kicking the **** of the person/people/company that they're waiting on this approval from so they can make their customers happy. If they aren't, there's a problem in their logic.

    Would it help if we all went to Handspring (or whoever this company is that Sprint is waiting for approval from) and screamed and yelled to get the damn thing out the door?

    I can't see why Sprint needs approval for something like this, especially when they're the ones that are supporting the device.

    - Mike
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    What will the new firmware improve? I know that the roaming will be enhanced, depending on your area. But is the change in firmware going to improve SMS or other native applications?
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    Maybe we should all go down to Handspring. I don't even have one and im ready for it to come out.
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    Ok, if Handspring is where to go to ask about this, then my email is on its way there. I sent it to If that's not the right place to send it to, let me know and I'll be happy to send it to more people also.

    [edit] Ok... wrong address to send to. They want all support issues brought through the web site. A contact email address would be great, but I'm also going to dump this email into their support form.
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    Posted to SPRINT via "Contact Us" at

    Where's the firmware upgrade for the Treo 300? This product has been out for a long time now, has significant problems and there's been no support from Sprint. We know there is a firmware upgrade that's been in test for months and it was to be released today, June 18th. Do you really expect to sell many next-generation Treo 600's with this level of support? You don't even keep your support folks in the loop. Everyone at Sprint customer service we ask about this has a different answer. If you care to see the level of user frustration with your lack of support for this product just tune to and read the threads in the Treo 300 forum.
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    I won't paste mine here... it's a bit long...

    I got it to Handspring though, through their Product Support form.

    Whatever you do, DON'T enter your serial number (second page) if you want this to send. It's not a required field, and with it in there, it will tell you that they don't provide support for the Treo 300 and not send your message in.

    You can put Treo 300 in your brief description as well as your message, though. For the product, I just picked Not Applicable. You'll get an email back shortly after sending saying "Thank you for your support question, blah blah blah."

    Let's hope our agressiveness in this gets someone off their **** and gets this thing released.

    - Mike
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    Geez, I filled out that form and it just gave me a blank page when I hit Continue. WTF!
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    That HS form seems to have been removed! I should have filled it out when I had the chance!
  13. #173 much as we want the revision...what does it fix?

    I really want to know what is going to be changed before applying a patch which most likely is going to require a hard reset. Remember...this thing could be more for Sprint's benefit than the end may do things like make it impossible to use software like pdanet. Perhaps it makes the digital compression a little tighter at the cost of clarity.

    While we have seen reports from people telling us there is an upgrade none of those reports went into any real changes to the device that made a positive difference.

    If someone from Sprint/Handspring or a beta test knows differently...let us know!

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    ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! ::beats Handspring into submission::

    [quote]Thank you for contacting Handspring Technical Support.

    We understand that you would like to know why the Sprint did not received
    approval to release this update.

    We do not offer email support for the Treo 300, which is a Sprint-branded
    product. Please contact Sprint PCS at 1-800-974-2221. Sprint's policy
    dictates that Sprint will provide end-user technical support.[quote]

    Why did I know this is the response I was going to get. Time to try and find another way...

    - Mike
  15. #175 much as we want the revision...what does it fix?
    Read this whole thread....a couple of people have the update and report positive results, including increased data speed IIRC.
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    ok, verybody just relax a little. the upgrade WAS released today but it takes time to get it to the sprint stores. I just talked to one of the techs today and he says it has been released and should be available within the week. sheesh, I guess we all just get used to getting everything now when we have a powerful and always connected device.
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    Go to the handspring support site

    Download-backup-install-hotsync process takes about 20-30 min

    Noticed an improvement in bandwidth of about 50% (8kb to 12kb).
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    Oops.. try this.. it will take you right to the download button for the Treo 300 Updater
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    I've downloaded this software to my pc.... I have tried to install it,
    it asks me to sync.... then tap the reset button.... then instead of installing the update, it just resets the phone -- nothing happens and eventuallly it powers the screen off (instead of the 8 mins where you not supposed to touch it).......
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    my bad... i needed 6.5 MB free space to get the job done....

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