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    Spill the beans ...

    Is the upgrade staged somewhere?
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    Spill the beans ...

    Is the upgrade staged somewhere?
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    I'm a bit surprised it hasn't come out yet. As far as I know, the upgrade (at least as I tested it) has no new features, only reliability enhancements. I would love to see the shipping version, but maybe it's not finished yet?
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    It's finished. It's been certified by Sprint and should be on their site shortly. I agree that there are no added features. After using my phone with the upgrade, I have noticed that my data connections are faster, my calls connect faster, and the whole phone seems slightly more responsive. The longest part of the upgrade is the modification of the modem.

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    I realize it's probably not up yet, but WHERE on the Sprint site would it be located?

    I suppose if you posted a URL and subsequent instructions, it would point us to the right way, when it does get posted...

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    Yes please post the link.
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    My guess is the link will be available on your personal sprint page. There is a link to download under available services. The patch is not there as of this afternoon.
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    So this firmware will be downloadable or do I still need to take my Treo to Sprint?
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    Don't know..never seen the patch. Someone in this thread suggested it may be released for download. This would be atypical for Sprint though.
    My guess is there won't be any mention by Sprint of a patch, the stores won't get it for quite some time....even after they get it they won't have "the cable" to apply it. After you go nuts for weeks they will finally take your phone for 2 hours and update the PRL file.
    Of course, this was just my experience with the Kyocera 6035...I'm sure they're going to treat Treo users better.

    Well...I can hope.

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    It will be downloadable. It is an executable file that then installs an autoinstaller program to your Treo.

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    somebody upload it to the web and share, PLEASE!!
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    Originally posted by kschoenberg
    Of course, this was just my experience with the Kyocera 6035
    The files were made available by users. I upgraded my 6035 twice.
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    No,, which is a great site for the Kyocera, didn't make files like that available as they were copyrighted. I know there were a few people sharing the image files and the Kyocera utility, but it was under the table.

    I hope that the Treo file is easier to obtain, I just don't hold out a lot of hope that Sprint will do that
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    Originally posted by kschoenberg
    No,, which is a great site for the Kyocera, didn't make files like that available
    I know, that's why I said " users", not "", nor would I characterize the transfer as "under the table" like private email. The files were posted on users public websites accessible by anyone without password or secret handshake.
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    .. at my Sprint page and could not find any HS Treo firmware software to upgrade. I found a link to a download page and it had software for PDA's to connect to Sprint phones via cable to access Vision. But nothing for the Treo 300. I suppose this is where I need to check periodically. If this is not the correct place I would appreciate somebody posting the specific information for the rest of us.

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    If someone already has this can they upload it somewhere as "Use At Your Own Risk"?
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    I meant under the table as being PIRATED software.
    The Kyo tool is not PD and the image files were also not to be distributed publicly. Several of those sites were also shutdown. Mostly, this is a very poor way to distribute an upgrade. There were several corrupted files, mismatch of the Kyo/Palm ROM problems.
    It was obvious that people wanted/needed the updates and were willing to download a file and install it without any assurance of quality....but it was better than what Sprint or Kyocera offered. I was saying...I have little hope that Sprint will treat Treo owners any better than they treated Kyocera owners.
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    That's where I would ASSUME that Sprint would put the upgrade. It would make sense to put it there if they are going to release it as a publicly available patch.
    To the best of my knowledge there has been no offical word from Sprint or Handspring that there will be a patch available.
    Some kind folks here have leaked that it exists...let's hope it's for real, that it fixes some of the problems with the phone.

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    Well I can't wait.... hopefully the people with the inside info will keep us updated.
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    The general items that the upgrades fixes are:

    * PRL Synchronization patch (resolves Sprint Business Connection error)
    * fixes echo problem in certain markets
    * Blazer 2.1.4 - WTAI support for Samsung devices
    * Palm OS version has been changed to: 3.5.2H6.2
    * ROM - Default date change (will now be set to 8/1/02)
    * ROM - Data reset fix

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