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    I keep getting a "Fatal Alert" that says

    "DataMgr.c, Line:5964
    Invalid unique ID passed"

    I have no idea what is causing it. Can anyone help?

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    It's a bug in some third-party software, almost certainly.... You'd need to provide a bunch more information to get any specific answer... How often does it occur? What software do you have?

    - m
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    Thanks. It started this morning and seemed to do it about once an hour, though it has stpped for the last few. I think the only third-party application I am running (besides Sprint Business Connection) is Basejet mail. Any suggestions?
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    I cursed myself saying that it stopped. As soon as I hit send, it crashed again.
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    Hm. Weird. This same error message just appeared in this forum in this thread (

    If you find out what's going on, please do let us know.

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