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    in the last few days, calls have been taking 30+ seconds to connect, sometimes they do not connect and I have to redail.

    My Blazer settings do not disconnect from the network when I exit Blazer. the green arrows never go away. could this cause this delay/problem?

    anyone else been experiencing this problem?
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    Me too - the call status will typically show as active, but I get no audio feedback (no ringing, no 'hello', nada). I think the phone (and, by extension, the network, and also the BILLING system) thinks it has a live call, but I have nothing I can hear. I will typically end the 'call/non-call' after about 20 to 30 seconds, and redial.

    Seems like this has been happening for me in the last couple of weeks. Really not before then. I also seem to have choppiness of audio - I'll get a call, and the audio of the caller will go away at times. All this is fairly new. And pretty maddening...
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    Absolutely more prevalent in the last couple of weeks...ugly
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    bring treo in to sprint store for sw check. mine failed and was replaced.

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