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    I just got a new replacement Treo - how do I do a full restore of all the applications and data that I backed it (hotsync) before I sent the old one away for warranty replacement. I think it must be a different method that doing a simple hotsync , as I feel if I do that it will just backup what is on the new treo and not restore what is backed up from the old treo....can someone tell me how to get all the data back onto my new Treo via the Hotsync ? Thanks.
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    Generally, you just go into the Hotsync manager and change the conduit settings so that the Computer overwrites the handheld. Or at least make sure that it's NOT handheld overwrites computer. Synchronize, which is usually the default should take care of most things.
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    what about programs you need a serial number for, will we need to re-enter the serials or will it keep 100% all settings for everything
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    Generally if the 3rd party app gets backed up at every hotsync you shouldn't need to re-enter license codes as they are stores in the saved_preferences.pdb file.
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