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    Don't know if it will work for others, but if you can have your POP3 mail automatically forwarded by your ISP it should. This works without having any kind of client running on your PC (a la Sprint Business Connection), and so is good for those of us using Macs. It also doesn't depend on Sprint's flaky SMS.

    I originally signed up for on a suggestion from the SnapperMail folks in order to get a SMTP server that would work anywhere. Well since I started using chatter I realized that I could use the fastmail IMAP server with it. At first I was just using fastmail's "pop links" which will poll your POP3 accounts every 3 hours. That's much too infrequent of course, so that wasn't doing me much good. Then I realized that my main email address ISP has a whoiam server that will forward incoming messages automatically. I set that up to automatically forward my messages to my fastmail account and now I get push mail.

    Messages get pushed to me in chatter, and if something important comes in then I can then launch SnapperMail and dowload it from the POP3 server. It saves battery life since I don't have SnapperMail doing 10 minute polling anymore. This will of course work even better once SnapperMail supports IMAP.

    In my experience, I get test messages sent to myself within 1 minute or less.

    Right now chatter only gets email pushed when it is running in the foreground (IM messages come through even when chatter is in the background). Marc mentioned that several folks have requested background email, so perhaps this feature will be added at some point.

    In any case, I add my voice to the chorus of "atta-boy"s directed at Marc.

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    Thanks for the insight, mathewlu! I use Chatter IMAP e-mail (with quite a bit and I do like it a lot.
    BTW, T-Mobile offers a service which acts like "push" mail via SMS. You sign up your current POP3 e-mail accounts with T-Mo (I have 6 accounts). Then, when you receive an e-mail, you get a quick SMS telling you who sent you the e-mail and to what account, and its subject. Then you can fetch it at your leisure.
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