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    I have a Treo 270. 4 mths old. The plug for the ear piece broke off inside the unit. Cannot remove the broker piece so sent the unit back to have it fixed or replaced. They replied that it is not a warranty claim because of the physical damage i.e. the ear piece broke. Does anyone have a good argument I can put up. Surely the earpiece that came with the Treo is not supposed to break off inside the unit. Can someone give me their thoughts so I can revert and demand a review. Thanks,.
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    handspring is really good about warrenty and everything but this really does not seem to be a warrenty claim. The best suggestion i can give is to take the unit apart, once inside you can use a paper clip to get broken part of the headphone jack out..
    Hope that helps
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    Handspring here say that it cannot be fixed as onmce opened the broken part cannot be removed . And as they state it is not a warranty claim, they say they can only offer a new unit at a reduced cost but without any waranty cover on new unit in view of the reduced cost. That seems like a bad deal to me .
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    I remeber reading other posts on here that said that once you had it open you should be able to get what is stuck out of the head set jack. You might want look around the 270 board becaseu there is stuff there about this.

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