I own both TextPlus and WordComplete and would prefer to work for the time being with TextPlus. However, with CIC's Jot I cannot get Jot to pop up the TextPlus word and phrase list in apps other than TextPlus itself. If I switch Jot from "Jote Mode" to "Graffiti Mode" it pops up the lists instantaneously. Is Jot mode not supported on the Treo (I have a Treo 300). My strong impression is that it is supported on other devices. I have installed, reinstalled, and changed the order of activation to no avail. This is a critical function to me and I would appreciate any input, even outright guesses. It goes without saying that CIC's WordComplete works perfectly with Jot but my preference is to work with TextPlus if it's possible to get it to work. Please help.