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    I need some help with finding a good internet browser. I'm having trouble accessing a website for work. The only one that has worked is z browser. ITs not that easy to navigate around with it. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas. It would make life alot easier.

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    Try Xiino
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    I tried the Beta signup and the link is not working. Any idea when this beta will start? I am curious enough to give it a try.
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    Have you tried Xiino, EudoraWeb, and AvantGo?
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    Originally posted by sleibow

    the best is yet to come
    Something real might be a little more beneficial.
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    thanks for the advice. I'm gonna try browser when the link starts to work. Thanks I'll post after I try it.
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    I have been using the Ipanel browser. Works very well.
    Its available at Palm Gear.
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    I just downloaded Ipanel and used it for a few minutes. Initially it is difficult to see what it does better than Blazer. It also seems very slow. It has a place to enable java script but it fails to load a java page.
    Strange but palmgear said it was version 1.4 and the download said it was version 2 but it is still beta (version less than 1)?

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