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    Did anyone have to manually fix their clocks after daylight saving time began? I did, and I'm just wondering if I have a configuration issue.
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    I had to disconnect and re-connect to the Sprint network to get my clock to update. You also need to have the "Sync to Network Time" option checked under general prefs.
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    Mine was fine was fine, I did have to connect and reconncet to the network and I have the "Sync to network" time on too (like KKenna).

    On my Edge, I had to do it manualy, I guess becasue even thought "City Time" knows about DST, it runs off the clock, which does not. I remember haveing to set both the Visor Edge and Visor Pro last year due to this. matt
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    same here, disconnect/reconnect .. a bi-annual buglet
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    good info here, just a FYI
    Happy reading, Matt Burkhard
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    Originally posted by Burkhardi
    good info here, just a FYI
    Happy reading, Matt Burkhard
    Treo 300: You can set your Treo 300 communicator to automatically retrieve its system time from the wireless network. Follow the steps above, and be sure to check the box for Automatic Network Time. The wireless network will update your device's system time according to daylight or standard time changes.
    It didn't for me, but did when I disconnected/reconnected.
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    My Treo is set to automatically receive system time, yet it did not adjust to DST this past weekend. I was up at 2:00 am when the time changed so I watched it... Nothing. I gave it till the morning incase Sprint was lagging for some reason then I reset the time by an hour myself.


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