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    I've been getting a message that reads datamgr.c, line:5964 Invalid unique id passed. Has anyone else got this message and know how to fix it?
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    What applications do you have loaded on your Treo?

    I did a Google search on the error message, and it has been submitted in various discussion groups, but no concrete prognosis was reached.

    I did find this on Handspring's website which might be of help:
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    I have been getting the same error message all day. Were you able to resolve it? Do you know what software is causing it? Are you by any chance using basejet mail?
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    Keep an eye on this thread too. It's the same topic:

    Can I actually help you with this error? No. But I can facilitate ...
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    I had to delete some incoming SMS, write a new pending SMS, send it... Then the did not occur again.
    DataMgr handles the Databases in PalmOS. A corrupt database can be the reason for this error. I did not even know about this error with any PalmOS device until I got my Treo...


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