I got my Treo 180 as an online bargin, Got the GPRS update and Im using orange pay&go

I have tired 3 different email clinets and all seem to work well on both sending and reecieving email over gprs.
My favourite is Mark/Space mail .......... I liked this one the best because it enables you to set periodic checks for email....... and it works a treat! Once i had it set up sending and recieving correctly........... i purchased it straight away! excellent programm

I have also tried 2banywhere, this works in much the same fashion as Mark/Space mail and works well too, apparently it also has a periodic mail checking system, but is not available for use with the free addition of this programme. From what i have read from the 2banywhere web site, the program will not be free for much longer.

I have also tired Webtogo, which is a combined web browser, email client and sms client! although this worked with recieving, sending email through orange proved difflicult!
This programm also sets up another orange gprs connection in your network settings!

An additional programme i use is Kbtracker! $5.95 this program calculates the number of kilobytes sent and recived over GPRS.
You are also able to key in the a max limit of KBs and it will warn you when you get to within 15% of this figure!
This is great if you buy in to a GPRS bundle or if you just want to keep track of your usage.

Its great to see some UK treo users! Someone to bounce ideas off and exchange information! GREAT