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    I have a Treo 300 and am using Palm Desktop 4.1. Handspring told me that I shouldn't HotSync the Treo to more than 1 machine (they claimed I'd have data corruption), but I need to and I've never had any problems doing so with my Palm Vx. Anyone have any experience in this area?

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    i regularly sync my treo 300 on my home PC, a windows XP unit, and my office PC, which is on win98se. i also less frequently but still often enough sync to my laptop for travel.

    i am also using yahoo intellisync along with palm desktop, which i would think would only complicate the process, and have had no problems other than when i have had hard resets, i have to change some settings to make sure i keep everything where it belongs...
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    It can get sticky if both the machines to which you sync are set to "synchronize the files." There can be entanglements if you are a power user who changes, adds and deletes records frequently in-between the times you synchronize with either PC. It's all about tricky conflict resolution (a logistical nightmare that can present time-space paradoxes and other fun sci-fi stuff).

    The advice I heard was that you should set all the conduits on one of the PCs (usually the "least important" machine) to "Handheld overwrites desktop" to avoid aggravation and data conflicts.
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    Data corruption is possible based on what conduits you use and how you connect to your data at either end.

    e.g. Imagine you have DSL at home and have a connection to your Outlook Exchange data at work and at home. This is pretty confusing to HotSync Manager as it sees a different PC communing with the same dataset. Doing this without changing a setting in PocketMirror can lead to duplication or worse. There is a setting in PocketMirror for just this kind of behavior to prevent you from deleting or duplicating data by mistake.

    But say you want to connect with Outlook on once PC and Palm Desktop on the other. Or one computer is a Mac and the other a PC. Here things begin to get a bit hairy (read slow, potentially lossy and messy). HotSync gets the impression that you are doing recovery synchs and is monumentally slow on one of the PCs (apologies to Mac users for the terminology).

    HotSync is only intended to synch one pda with one set of master core data on a desktop PC. If you go beyond this, you are giving mixed and sometimes wrong signals to the HotSync Manager software on the two PCs. Setting one to be the slave computer is the sensible choice. It just contains a copy of the master data from the main pc/pda setup.

    Otherwise go buy UnDupe and consider that you may one day overwrite blank data over your good data. Synching to 2 computers is fine but has its compromises. If you dont want to get into the nitty gritty details, dont do it or at least don't complain when you mess up your data :-) It was not designed to do what you are trying to do.

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