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    i need help setting up a newly bought hp veer 4G, this device is so clean and came with opn box, everything new, and complete, but cant get activated, asked for an unblock code, and i contacted AT&T BUT THE DEVICE DOESNT ACCEPT THE CODE provided by att, i am looking at how to remove the code as the device continuosly searches for network when a sim in inside, i need assistance on how to get this device to work, i was able to get into recovery mode, but not dev. mode also i cant get factory reset. i need help.
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    You can't activate it because HP's servers shutdown about 4 years ago.

    You therefore need to bypass the activation process - which should be simple with this model. You WILL need a sim card that is already activated on the network. If the phone is locked to a network, unlocking it is another matter, but should also be possible.

    Start here: Tip: How to Bypass Activation | pivotCE The specific guide is here:

    Find webOS Quick Install here:

    The links in my signature should be of use.
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