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    I finally lost my stylus ... I know I can order them online with several variations, but trying to find them locally in Phoenix so I don't have to wait a week to get them.

    Reading previous threads, there were mentions of Officemax, Radio Shack and Compusa. I've called all 3 local locations without any luck.

    I'm going to try Best Buy, Circuit City, and the local Sprint Store (yeah, hah!) ...

    For those of you who order the replacements through Handspring, how fast were they in getting them to you?

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    We sell Treo styli at our FranklinCovey stores, although they are the plastic kind you can't unscrew which a 180/270/300 user kinda needs because they crash so much. Anyway, you have one in your metrocenter mall.
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    I bought replacement styli (in a three-pack) at my local (Louisville, KY) Staples.
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    RadioShack sells them, but they are discontinued and some stores may not have any left. Call and ask for stock number 25-1093
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    Thanks for all the responses ... the local Franklin Covey store did have the Fellows brand in stock but I kept looking to get the real thing with the reset pin.

    Called two of my local Sprint Stores ... the second one (about 5 miles from my house) didn't sell them, but the person who answered the phone told me he had a few spare in back and would be happy to give me one. Sometimes Sprint Customer service is good!

    I did stop at a Staples store, and they were out of stock. I got home and was going to order it off their web site but their shipping was more then Handsping. I called another Staples store, and they too were out of stock. The person I spoke to told me if I was physicially in the store, they would offer me to buy it off the web site and eat the shipping.

    I called back the first store, spoke to the manager and told him even though I physically came in to the store 2 hours earlier, nobody offered this to me. He took the order on the phone, and waived the shipping charges.

    I'll have my backup 3 pack in a few days, but thanks to the local Sprint Store for getting me back in order for now.

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