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    I have a few questions about buying a Treo. I want a combined PDA and phone unit and I really like the Treo. But I don't know whether I should buy the 270 and go with T-Mobile or the 300 (and Sprint). I live in SW Michigan (St. Joe/Benton Harbor) and would use the phone primarily around this area and in South Bend, IN. I'm also considering getting rid of my home phone line and using the Treo exclusively as my only phone. My questions are these: 1) Is there a drawback to using any of the Treos as an only phone? 2) Does anyone have insight as to which service is better in my area? Any advice anyone could offer would be really appreciated. Thanks.
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    as far as sprint goes...

    if you go to you can put in your zip code and see what kind of coverage they have in your area. the maps are decent - not the best - but enough so they'll let you know whether you have coverage.

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    as far as i know sprint has the best data plan available. You get unlimited vision (data) for $10 a month (on top of a voice plan). plus from what I understand the technology sprint uses, 1xrtt is currently faster than gprs connections in the u.s. I could be wrong, but I say getting a 300 is best.
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    You can buy a Treo 300 right now and get $200 back from Sprint on your first invoice.

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    go to a Sprint store near you adn ask some people how the coverage is. MOST IMPORTANTLY, get a working sprint phone and go to your house and see how it works-period. You would be livid if you find out it works great down town but not in your home. I have a 300 w/Sprint and despite dropped calls I LOVE it. I get my AOL mail, hotmail and all sorts of things through it. The PDA function is super. I cannot say enough good about this little monster. The battery leaves alot to be desiredd-just never leave without a car charger and if you travel overnight buy an extra wall charger. Until the next generation the battery will disappoint and that is something you will have to live with. I accept it and make appropriate provisions.

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