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    Hello everyone!
    I have this sweet Palm IIIxe, but when I went for the 4.1 update, it stalled and hung. When tryed to get back on the update it gave me a Timeout error, and then does not want to restart the process. Is my device dead? or is thre a way to reflash it not being able to boot?

    Thanks everyone!
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    I don't know how many PalmOS users are still around here - especially hardware experts.

    I'm not an expert - so the following is just vague suggestions that might only make things worse! But you've not had a reply for ten days...

    My old phone had a little hole. I could unscrew the stylus and poke a 'needle' into the hole to reset. You could try whatever reset option is available on a PalmIIIxe. You might even go so far as opening it up and briefly disconnecting the battery as a 'full', power-off reset...?

    If the device is stuck after a faulty upgrade (I assume it is capable of running 4.1??), that might do it, but of course what ever went wrong might have messed up the drive in some way, requiring low level tools to fix it - assuming it's not a hardware failure.

    What was the reason for the upgrade? Was there already a problem that you were trying to fix?

    There's who tweets stuff that is often from . You could try there.
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    I started with a Palm IIIx. The hard-reset hole in the back is what you need to use. Make sure you have a fresh set of batteries, as well.

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