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    I'm impressed with this - worked like a charm out of the box (trial period).

    I think it should be $29

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    I want to take back my previous statement - I rebooted my machine (I have a wireless card in there and some applications started acting up)

    In the end - it seems that this software screwed up ipconfig and it couldn't lease an IP.

    I had to use the attached application to fix my computer.

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    Hello, I downloaded and installed the latest version on my WinXP box (I updated to the latest palm desktop from handspring as well) My phone is a Treo 270 using TMobile as my provider. I am able to establish a connection from the phone to the computer but as soon as I try to ping any machine on the net my laptop stops responding for 2-10 seconds (each time a ping is sent). About half the time the hang is long enough that the connection from the phone to the laptop is timed out and the connection is dropped. In all cases I have never received a successful ping response.

    Anyone seen anything like this before???

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    PdaNet Version 2.5 is released! It added support for Windows ME and Windows 98SE. It also allows HotSync to be running side-by-side and Balloon messages to be turned off.

    I am also leaving the download link to the old version 2.0(SP2) on our web page in case it works better for some users.

    Check it out:
    PdaNet(PalmNet) Support
    Let your PC go online using Treo
    <a href=""></a>
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    Hey everyone,

    I am a current Treo 300 user, but may be looking to migrate over to the Treo 270.

    I was looking at using my Treo 300 as a wireless modem, but I may have my Vision service cancelled if I "abuse" the wireless modem service?

    Does anyone know if T-Mobile or AT&T have the same "abuse" clause? I see that with T-Mobile you pay a flat $20/month fee - but could I use it instead of having my cable modem connection? I know that download speed may suffer.

    On SprintPCS I have a $100 plan that includes: 2000 anytime minutes and unlimited Vision (a.k.a. unlimited data from my phone only - with no cable connected). I have heard that Sprint has been disconnecting abusers... people who rack up over 1 GB in data use... has anyone heard of people being disconnected for "wireless modem abuse" on T-Mobile or AT&T?

    On Time Warner I am paying: $20 for basic cable plus $40 for cable modem.

    Between the two I am paying close to: $200/month ouch!!! I'm trying to become more fiscally responsible.

    Any ideas?

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    I love it! Everything worked intuitively and correctly right out of the gate. They even let me register by PayPal. Does it get any better than this.

    Well, it might have. I might have learned about this on Monday. I would have saved hundreds of dollars and many hours fighting to get a Novatel Merlin to work.

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