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    I have the Premium version of Documents to Go 5. It's says it can veiw PDF type files (Adobetype more or less, correct?), when I put a PDF file in the Doc to Go desk top area, it then converts it to a Word file and when I use my handheld (Treo300) to veiw it, it says someting to the effect of "page may contain only images" and there is not text or anything.

    I assumed that it could read a PDF file, like the Treo300 manual for example. I assumed I could look at it on the treo with DTG5.

    Any ideas or help would be nice. TIA, Matt Burkhard
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    only . . . did yo install pdf to go on your pda?
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    I don't recall it, but the only thing I didn't install was the "DataViz Mail" (there were boxes one could uncheck, I unchecked the "DataViz Mail" one. I look at the apps on the CD I guess. Thanks, Matt Burkhard

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