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    I have been using chatter for about 5 days now, recently having been accepted into the beta program. I have enough use with it to report my initial findings for those of you who are curious about it. I'll try to keep this short and simple

    First off, I have to say working with Marc is a delight. I know you have all heard this about 100 times before, but I am gonna say it again to reinforce how true it is. He is highly responsive and very dedicated to making this program great.

    Second, I have to say that the way Chatter works is amazing! I am not simply talking about the idea of unifying multiple services into one contact (more on that in a second). I mean the Push and background functionality of it. I do not know exactly how he is making this work, but e-mails and IMs just pop up even with the phone off. Verichat has a similar feel because it uses sms to send IMs when outside of the program. The difference with chatter, is that once you recieve an IM, you respond to it and the screen immediately dissapears so you can go back to whatever you were doing, while the IM is sent in the background. This is very nice compared to sprint BCS, where the phone recieves and sms notification, then automatically pulls the message down. Instead, your phone turns on and there your e-mail is. I think Marc has really figured out how to make the treo perform and it shows in Chatter. Further more, this way of doing things is SO much better that I can't believe he is the only one who utilizes it.

    Onto the idea behind Chatter. The idea of a single contact was something that I was a bit leery of at first, but after using it for a couple days I decided that it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I don't think I need to describe how it works, its been done already, I will just say that it DOES work and it is nice. The only draw back I can see so far is for people who talk to a large number of people fairly infrequently. It is more targeted towards people like me who talk to a group of friends (about 8 people) on a very regular basis. The reason for this, is that there is no access to your buddy list. So if a buddy is not in a contact, then you have to enter their name in manually to send them a new message. But the program is still in beta and that may be a feature he plans to add. I don't know.

    As far as e-mail goes, I have ditched my subscription to sprint BCS as of today. I can send an recieve mail easily from Chatter to suit my needs. Like Marc says, its not full fledged w/ attatchments, etc, but you can use snappermail for that. For the purpose of firing of e-mails to offline buddies and checking for 95% of the mail I recieve its great.

    Two thumbs up!
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    where can I see a review and download for chatter??
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    Still in beta I think. You can go sign up for it at the forums over at I don't know when it will finally be released.

    As for reviews, other beta testers have given reviews if you search the forums a bit.

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    My own review of Chatter... m00se
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